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Awesome rhinos

White Rhino White rhino
© RhiNOremedy

Rhinos are truly awesome! Whether it be the furry Sumatran rhino, the secretive Javan rhino, the armour-plated greater one horned rhino, the bulky white rhino or the speedy black rhino, they are all incredible. Sadly all of them are in danger of being lost forever.

Those who are already rhino fans have many reasons for being impressed by them. It could be their sheer size and strength, how they charge straight at a problem, the huffs and squeaks they make to communicate or how mother rhinos take care of their young, tackling predators to defend them. It could even be because the triceratops was your favourite dinosaur (there is a slight resemblance!).

Click on the links to learn a bit more about rhinos, find out who their closest relatives are, and why they are in trouble.