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Meet Victor

Name: Victor
Meaning: hero, to overcome adversity
Chinese translation: Wéikètuō
Pronunciation: Wee ke tu or ‘We care too’
to maintain, preserve, safeguard, to over come and to support

Free pledge to protect

What is in a name?

Victor is our mascot. He represents all rhinos and is here to champion their cause and to help protect them for the future. Victor also hopes to represent all species affected by illegal trade, especially those whose body parts are used for medicines.

Victor means ‘hero’ or ‘to overcome adversity’ and this is exactly what he wants to do: to overcome the challenges facing rhino survival and to fly the flag for all rhinos and species affected by illegal trade.

‘Victor’ translated into Chinese is Wéikètuō. When said out-loud, this sounds like ‘we care too’. Victor hopes that you will care by pledging to protect him and his cause.

The three symbols which mean ‘Victor’ in Chinese all have meanings: to maintain, preserve, safeguard, to over come and to support.

Finally Victor is surrounded by the colour yellow, a happy colour associated with sunshine but also an important colour in Asia. Yellow has long been an imperial colour, highly regarded as the most beautiful and representing the centre of everything. Conservation and protecting the world’s habitats and species including the rhino really is crucial.

Victor’s mission:

Pledge to protect Victor, his rhino friends and fellow species affected by illegal trade and the demand for medicine from endangered species. Then spread the word!

How to Pledge:

Click here or on the pledge to protect symbol Insert your information (e.g. name and email address) That is all it takes.
You will then receive occasional emails about progress, news and events.

Your details will not be passed on to anyone else and will remain within RhiNOremedy. You can stop emails at any time you wish. The aim is to develop a simple network of people interested in rhinos and species being pushed towards extinction due to illegal trade.

Victor was envisaged by RhiNOremedy and fantastically bought to life by Michael Snowdon.

Michael Snowdon