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Working to tackle illegal trade in endangered species

Welcome to RhiNOremedy! We are a small charity
which is growing - with your help and support.


Sumatran Rhino. CREDIT - Yayasan Badak Sumatran rhino
© IRF/Yayasan Badak

RhiNOremedy means rhino horn cannot remedy health problems; rhino horn is NO remedy. The rhino is one species of animal which is targeted for illegal trade. A large part of this trade is for traditional medicine, where rhino horn is taken in the belief it has powers to cure a number of health problems.

The problem has grown in recent years and the rhino is suffering as a result.

It is not just rhinos that suffer because of this belief. Many amazing animals are targeted in this way including tigers, bears and turtles. Most of these species are becoming increasingly endangered. Such trade is a major threat to their continued existence.

RhiNOremedy hopes to establish the rhino as an emblem and a mascot to represent species targeted for illegal trade, particularly for medicine. As a flagship for all species targeted in this way, it is hoped the rhino can help to remedy such threats.

Most of all, we are working towards being able to support work which is helping to combat such trade issues, protect species and also raise awareness and educate about the problem.

This site is a first step in the process and we thank you for visiting. Please come back regularly as the site and organisation grows.

What can you do now? Enjoy the site as it develops, meet our mascot and pledge to protect him, please also check out our store and you could even become a member. Now we are a small charity, you could get involved in some fundraising, and support us, becoming part of a growing cause. Every bit helps and every person can make a difference.