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The biggest threats to endangered species include habitat loss, hunting and the introduction of invasive or alien species. These threats affect many of our favourite animals. In general it is habitat loss (e.g. forest clearance, the spread of agriculture, melting ice caps) that is the biggest long-term threat.

It is true to say that many species actually suffer a combination of threats. Not only are they losing their habitat but some may also be suffering from disease or lack of food, or being hunted by people. This is true for those species targeted for medicinal uses.

Our flagship, the rhinoceros is sadly one of these species. Their habitat is threatened and they are personally targeted and killed for their horn to be ground up and used in traditional medicines.

Here discover more about traditional medicine, some of the species used for medicine, and the facts about rhino horn. For interest there is also some information about the theory behind maintaining good health.

RhiNOremedy is not trained to give medical advice, this is for interest only, please contact relevant professionals for advice.