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Little dog conquers Snowdon for Wildlife

Monkey the miniature Schnauzer climbed Snowdon as part of United For Wildlife and their #WhoseSideAreYouOn campaign, to help raise awareness about the rampant poaching of wildlife for products such as ivory from elephants and rhino horn.

Monkey the miniature Schnauzer

Monkey was also raising funds, both for our education work, and to sponsor the anti-poaching dogs of an elite dog team in Ol Pejeta Conservancy Kenya.

By supporting education work, Monkey has helped efforts to tackle the root of the poaching issue: the demand for illegal wildlife products.

By supporting the anti-poaching dog team and their ranger handlers, Monkey has helped efforts on the front line. These dogs are a major deterrent to poachers. They can detect them before they strike, or use scent to track them and their illegal firearms and unfortunate products resulting from their actions - ivory/horn. The dogs also help in protecting rangers’ lives, particularly in detecting and providing an early and safe warning. Both the handler-rangers and these amazing dogs have body armour as we all know poachers are unscrupulous and armed. The dogs are also fully trained and fully capable attack dogs - as a last and sometimes necessary resort.

We hugely thank this little pooch and her team for their support.