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Rhino Art 2014 Success!

Rhino Art - UK was launched in 2014 in line with the first Global Youth rhino Summit held in South Africa (September 2014).

Rhino Art

The first Rhino Art Schools from across the UK were involved through the RhiNOremedy - Helping Rhinos Partnership (ONE). Art work inspired by the rhino and its current plight was entered into the Rhino Art UK competition. Winners of the lower age category (10-14) attended a UK based rhino experience, hosted by Port Lymphe Reserve, while three winners of the older age category (15-18) attended the Global Youth Rhino Summit as UK Rhino ambassadors. They joined ambassadors from across the World including USA, across Africa, China and Vietnam.

In September 2014, the nine UK ambassadors from the younger age category of Rhino Art UK attended a two day programme at Port Lympne Reserve, UK. You can see pictures here!

This part of Rhino Art UK was organised by the ONE partnership of Helping Rhinos and RhiNOremedy working with Port Lympne Reserve, and fantastically funded for the most part from the AAZK 2014 Bowling for Rhinos Grant.

Here the UK youth rhino ambassadors enjoyed time at close quarters with black rhinos. They learned how to care for rhinos safely, including cleaning out their houses and preparing their meals for the day. They also heard about the complexity of returning rhinos to the wild from Berry White, alongside learning about and discussing the problems facing rhinos in the wild, including the rapid increase in poaching and the demand for rhino horn.

The UK ambassadors worked together with the team from Port Lympne, Helping Rhinos and RhiNOremedy, to form ideas as to how they can raise awareness and fundraise, using novel and traditional approaches.

The Ambassadors have taken away with them a memorable experience and the determination and drive to do whatever they can to help, knowing that every person can help to make the difference that is needed. Their thoughts and ideas will develop so they can be part of impactful work to help secure the future of the Worlds rhinos.