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Our main focus is to support demand reduction projects in countries where the demand for wildlife products is high.

We are also working where we can to help raise awareness and support for projects on the poaching front line. One such project is a hard-working and growing anti-poach dog unit.

Canine Heroes

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Canine Heroes

These amazing dogs are trained with their handlers to help tackle the issue of poaching, particularly rhino poaching, right at the front line. The dogs are trained to excel in a variety of functions, or just one specialism such as tracking or arms/explosives detection. Most importantly the mere presence of such dogs can be an enormous deterrent to any would-be poacher in the area.

“The use of dogs is proven to dramatically reduce criminal activity through deterrent, apprehension and their ability to adapt and to be deployed in a multitude of roles; providing a cost effective addition to any anti-poaching armoury”. White Paw.

These canine heroes are trained by White Paw Professional Dog Training and are currently deployed at Ol Pejeta, Kenya, and Mokomazi, Tanzania. You can follow the links below to find out more.

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