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Who we are

RhiNOremedy is run voluntarily so all funds raised go straight to our projects

Meet our Patrons

Core Team

Evie: Founder and Manager

Dr Evie Astbury-Field has researched and worked in the field of conservation for over 15 years. Conservation has always been her passion which led her to achieve a BSc, MSc and PhD in Conservation Biology. She has also worked in education and on projects including human-wildlife conflict and corporate social investment in conservation. Her research has focused on threatened species globally, African wildlife, ecosystems and in particular rhinos, with impacts of illegal trade ever present and an unfortunate part of her work. With the onset of the growing threat of wildlife crime, the impacts on the species targeted, and family battles and losses due to cancer (the illness rhino horn has been linked to as a treatment), RhiNOremedy began as a project in 2009, becoming a small charity at the end of 2011.

Martin: Trustee

Dr Martin Jones is a senior lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester. He is the programme leader for a suite of MSc courses in conservation and animal behaviour and has supervised a number of PhD research projects in rhino conservation. He coordinates a research project based in Kenya and the university have just signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Kenya Wildlife Service. Whilst much can be done in terms of improving rhino protection, habitat quality and management techniques he recognises that rhinos will only be safe if the illegal trade is eradicated through means including education – hence the support for RhiNOremedy.

Mark: Trustee

Dr Mark Pilgrim is Director General at Chester Zoo and rhinos are one of his passions. As well as being involved in Black and Greater one horned rhino conservation projects in the wild, Mark is the co-ordinator of the European Studbook Programme for the Eastern Black Rhino. Mark firmly believes that while protecting wild rhino populations is crucial, the long term objective for saving rhinos must be to dramatically reduce the demand and therefore trade in rhino horn.

Dean: Trustee

Dean Field is an architect, business manager and expert in Karate. He has visited Africa and developed a growing interest in conservation and threats to iconic species. Dean has supported Evie’s conservation work for many years and now gives his time and support to RhiNOremedy as a trustee. Dean brings solid and essential business knowledge and advice, as well as moral support.

Our Core Volunteers

Christian: Accountant

Christian Williams is a qualified senior accountant at The Integrity Partnership a Shropshire based mixed accountancy practice. Christian’s experience spans the majority of accounting disciplines whilst his current focus is on tax effective strategies for OMB’s especially in regard to effective exit planning. He has in the past dealt with a number of charitable concerns and is helping RhiNOremedy on a pro bono basis. His interests beyond work are rugby, ornithology, cycling and gardening.

Terry: Website Manager

Terry Ponsillo is an experienced website developer with a good career in the industry. He has been a friend to RhiNOremedy since its early conception in 2009 and continues to support the organisation through his essential advice, design and management of the website.

Dee, Suzy and Jamie: Fundraising and support

The Astbury family are key volunteers and supporters who are very important to RhiNOremedy. It is with their help and support that the organisation is on its feet and able to grow.