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We are very pleased and honoured that Dr A.K.Kes Hillman-Smith, a long-term friend and supporter of RhiNOremedy, has agreed to become our Science Patron. Kes has worked tirelessly in conservation and has an incredible background working to protect Northern White Rhinos, efforts which at that time resulted in their numbers increasing in Garamba National Park, DRC.

Dr A.K.Kes Hillman-Smith Dr A.K.Kes Hillman-Smith
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Kes was born in England but is now a Kenya citizen, Kesenyonye (originally Alison) has a BSc(hons) in zoology and a PhD from Leicester University, UK. Living in Africa since 1973, Kes worked on several projects before assisting Iain Douglas-Hamilton carry out the first pan-African Elephant survey, then leading the first African Rhino Survey and Conservation Action Plan and starting and chairing the IUCN/SSC African Rhino Specialist Group. Since 1981 this led to a dedicated focus on conservation of Northern White Rhinos and Garamba National Park, where she and husband Fraser lived and worked for 22 years, were married and raised their two children.

In 1999 she was one of the initiators developing the UNF/UNESCO/ICCN Project on Conservation of Biodiversity in Regions of Armed Conflict, for the 5 World Heritage Sites of DRC and became its Coordinator. Currently based in Kenya, Kes has since then been working on rhino monitoring in Selous Game Reserve, consultancies as well as the long-term dream of writing, editing, illustrating and producing the book: Garamba, Conservation in Peace and War.